Jeremiah 17:5-8

Jeremiah 17:5-8 talks about two trees. One that is planted in barren lands and one that is planted by running streams. The one that depends in the flesh or trusts in the Lord.

This is what the Lord says: 
“Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, 
who rely on human strength 
and turn their hearts away from the Lord.

6 They are like stunted shrubs in the desert,
with no hope for the future.
They will live in the barren wilderness,
in an uninhabited salty land.

7 But blessed are those who trust the Lord
and have made the lord their hope and confidence.

8 They are like trees planted along a riverbank,
with roots that reach deep into the water.
Such trees are not bothered by the heat
or worried by long months of drought.
Their leaves stay green,
and they never stop producing fruit.

Jeremiah 17:5-8

My question to you this morning is this. What tree are you? Are you a tree planted in the barren land or a tree planted by the water?

Are you the person, that depends in the flesh and trusts in man? Do you focus in your own labor or depend on God? Are you always focusing on your problems and always searching but never finding? Do you let hurt, pain and discouragement and others let you down?

You know it don’t need to be this way? You can be a different tree. You can be a tree planted by the waters. A tree, that is blessed and a tree that grows in confidence and grows strong. A tree that never fears but moves in faith. A tree that weathers the storms no matter what is handed to you. A tree that will always bear fruit.

It’s your choice. Choose to be the man who trusts in the flesh and constantly spins your wheels, or be the tree that trusts in the Lord and goes through life producing fruit.