Out of the Thicket

I believe in 2021, a lot of us stayed in the THICKET. There was a lot that we didn’t know. We were on the defense and not on the offense. We played it safe. We stayed in a place of comfort, a place of protection.

In 2022, I believe God is calling us out of the THICKET. The tables are going to be turned on the enemy.

“The Son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost” Luke 19:10

And guess what? He is choosing to use us. And He is calling us out of the Thicket!

Israel chose to stay in the thicket, and they did not receive the blessing that God had for them. This is my prayer for us. GOD, CAUSE US TO SEE.

Joshua and Caleb saw. David saw. Those who marched around Jericho saw. And it caused them to come out of the thicket. They saw that God already conquered, and they stepped out in faith and received the promise, the victory that God gave them.

Friends, pray and really pray this morning. Don’t see what the world wants you to see, but pray that God show us what He wants us to see. Show us God what We have been missing for years. It is time to step out my friends and walk in the anointing that God has for you?
We are His vessels that He is going to use, as He seeks and saves, that which was lost.”