Psalm 33:22

Storms come into our life uninvited. They come unexpected, without warning, non-stop and sometimes they are strong enough to knock our doors off our hinges. We all face battles in life. Sometimes our health, fear, anxiety, despair, depression etc… I like what the psalmist prayed years ago over Gods people. “May your unfailing love rest upon us Oh Lord, even as we put our hope … Continue reading Psalm 33:22

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Mark 1:3 & John 3:29-30

This story of John the Baptist puts it into right perspective. How many Christians want to have the top ministry, be the top preacher, evangelist, teacher, prophet, youth worker, writer, etc… John’s goal! “I am the voice of the one calling in the desert, make straight the way of the Lord.” Mark 1:3 John’s disciples began to leave John to follow Jesus. The crowds diminished. … Continue reading Mark 1:3 & John 3:29-30

Psalm 34:8

Psalm 34:8

I don’t care what you are going through. Allow the Lord to write this verse on your heart. “Taste and see the Lord is good. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8 To experience how good He is, you need to get close to Him. If you are reading this, this is one of the ways. Meditating on His Word. And … Continue reading Psalm 34:8

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What I Have Learned from My Rabbit Dog

Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, and with all your mind. Matthew 22:37 The first thing I learned from my dog is passion. There is a difference between excitement and passion. Excitement wears off but passion keeps you steadfast. You continue to pursue. You are not found under a shade tree being lazy. The second thing I learned from my dog … Continue reading What I Have Learned from My Rabbit Dog